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not gonna delete bc i have references on here but i think im going on a permanent or at least semipermanent haitus
if you know me from eucon and dont already have my contact info, message me and ill get that to you
ill check back in march sometime to see if ive got messages but for the most part all i have is mobile rn and honestly being on tumblr (esp as inactive as i am) just isnt worth putting up w mobiles fuckery
if i get to a point where i have both computer access and wifi and also im not busy then ill hop on more but for now this is it
also if you’re interested, one of my headmates runs a witchcraft and nature aesthetic blog, which hes getting more into but ofc he can only post while fronting ( @numquam-primi-iciunt )
mostly its just reblogs but we’ve been taking photos recently and getting more into the craft so who knows maybe hell come out of his shell. maybe. if were lucky. eh dont count on it

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